Turning Pointe Dance Company Upcoming Schedule

• 902 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403 •

April 15: Turning Pointe Sr. and Turning Pointe Jr. will be performing at the 2018 Azalea Festival, 1:30pm, The Cotton Exchange Stage

May 4 -6: Project Dance in Orlando, Florida

May 17: Turning Pointe Senior Auditions will be held at Wilmington Conservatory of Fine Arts, 6pm-8pm.

May 18-19: Master Classes with Josh Wise of Ballet Magnificat!, Registration Required

May 20: Turning Pointe Senior will be performing at The Gathering Church in Surf City, NC.

June 15: Turning Pointe Senior and Turning Pointe Junior will be performing in WCFA's presentation of "Come Alive!", The Wilson Center, 6pm